Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing, is marketing through electronic mails. It is catching up like wild fire. It is a form of direct marketing for commercial communicating or fund raising messages to audience. Every e-mail sent to potential customers or a targeted client is the core of e-mail marketing.

The main purpose of email marketing is:

Firstly to enhance merchant-customer relationships through E-mails. To make customers aware what is going on in the market.

Secondly encouraging new customers, and rekindling old customers to purchase products immediately. Strategic plans plus market approach is the key for this email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • It is helpful to distribute information to wide range of customers at a time. It reaches faster than you think.
  • It darts at the targeted customers with high potentiality.
  • The cost of email marketing is negligible compared to other types of marketing.
  • E-mail marketing, is the most effective online marketing tactic. You can achieve your target speedily.
  • The delivery time for an e-mail message is short (i.e., seconds or minutes) as compared to a mailed advertisement.
  • E-mail messages are easy to track. An advertiser can track users via auto responders, web bugs, bounce messages, unsubscribe requests, read receipts, click-through, etc. These mechanisms can be used to measure open rates, positive or negative responses, and to correlate sales with marketing.
  • Repeated business is generated with less affords and automatically.
  • Advertisers can reach substantial numbers of e-mail subscribers who have opted in to receive e-mail communications on subjects of interest to them. E-mail marketing is paper-free. Hence, it is eco-friendly.


Email marketing strategy

Email marketing strategy is working on stepwise formulation, if implemented successfully can reduce marketing costs and brings in more profits through considerable results.

What we offer you

Tactics of marketing: such as email marketing, viral marketing, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Whatever type of business you are doing, whether taken up traditional business or set up your own, our email marketing team will formulate the most effective email marketing strategy to fulfill your business objectives.

Third Generation Resources helps your site to scale high and generate more sales through Email marketing strategy.
Email marketing strategy is the most effective and sure shot to make your business success.

Targeted E-mail Marketing

Targeted E-Mail marketing has been proved an excellent tool to drive target audience and convert them into potential customers while serving them. Targeted E-Mail Marketing can be crucial in building an in-house database, which can be highly valuable as a resource to generate sales with repeated and prospective customers, or as a method for conducting e-marketing research. Electronic mail campaigns are fastest to access and accurate way to test target markets, and they offer lower cost solution than traditional direct mail campaigns.

E-mail Marketing is the fastest growing field nowadays for direct sales. Email is a multipurpose tool, simple to organize, as long as your data base is in good shape. It is the fastest media to generate new business avenues and generate the sales. Following are the services we offer at NITinfo.

Extending editing and scrutinizing content immaculately, customizing it if required.
Analyzing record of business prospects.
Examining campaign amplification.
Intersecting researches response and feedback.

NITinfo is your destination in E-mail marketing!

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